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What are the Bengali original texts of the poems which Tagore has translated in Stray birds?

Whether the pieces in Stray Birds (1916) can rightly be called poems is debatable. There are indeed a couple of (very) brief poems, such as the one cited in the question. But four lines is as long as ...
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Unique words/vocabulary - Sufficient or necessary condition to determine original source?

You'll not be able to devise a real methodology without knowing the languages in question, because translation is not a mechanical process, and so you'll never get two identical translations of a long ...
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Meaning of the "quips" from Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita

Here is the same paragraph in Russian: Произошло подсчитывание, пересыпаемое шуточками и прибаутками Коровьева, вроде «денежка счет любит», «свой глазок — смотрок» и прочего такого же." [link] ...
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