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In Wister's _The Virginian_, why is calling a white man white considered a compliment?

"You're white, all right" definitely refers to the Virginian's race (as its context makes rather clear). According to commentaries I have seen so far about this work, the Virginian is of ...
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Of what people, of what liquor-agency does Thoreau speak in this paragraph from "The Last Days of John Brown"?

This is only a partial answer. I may add more information later, if I have time and can find out anything else. Who are the "witnesses"? I don't know, but probably not Frederick Douglass or ...
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What historical reference is Stevenson making with "shouting in the streets"?

In all probability; this is a reference to The Gordon Riots of 1780. The protest led to widespread rioting and looting, including attacks on Newgate Prison and the Bank of England and was the most ...
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