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What's happening at the end of "Pigeons" by Isaac Bashevis Singer?

One interpretation might be that the story is a prophetic work depicting the march of history through pre-invasion Poland, the rise of antisemitism, and the imminent Holocaust, and that the ending ...
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Goosebumps book about 2 kids in a haunted school

I think you may be mixing up two Goosebumps books. Searching about a Goosebumps book about a haunted school will quickly bring up #59, The Haunted School, which involves a school with ghosts in it (...
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What happened at the end of "The Key" by Isaac Bashevis Singer?

Just a bit earlier in the story ‘Bessie went into her bedroom and lay down on the bed .There was a pressure on her breast and she felt like vomiting.’ The suggestion from the description given- of ...
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