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A scientist tries to make a man more intelligent

Sounds like the plot of lawnmower man
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A scientist tries to make a man more intelligent

anyone finds a similarity to "the last days of ptolemy grey" ?
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A scientist tries to make a man more intelligent

This is certainly "Flowers for Algernon" by Daniel Keyes. From Wikipedia: Charlie Gordon is a man with an IQ of 68 who works a menial job as a janitor at a factory, and is attending a ...
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Meaning of "The Keeper of Cademuir" by John Buchan

Certainly at first glance "The Keeper of Cademuir" does not look like a typical horror story. As the OP summarised, a gamekeeper finds a poacher's trap, gets his hand caught in it while he ...
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SF story, telepathic boy hunted as vampire (pre-1980)

This sounds very much like The Mindworm, a short story by C.M. Kornbluth. The protagonist is an orphan who feeds by draining mental activity from others, killing them in the process. He moves from ...
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Meaning of "starred roof" in "Appointment With Love" by Sulamith Ish-kishor

“Starred roof” is a literal description of the ceiling of the Main Concourse of New York's Grand Central Terminal, which is decorated with a mural of constellations, originally painted in 1913 by ...
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Narration: Who speaks in ''At the Mountains of Madness''?

‘At the Mountains of Madness’ consists of a main narrative into which eight shorter narratives are embedded. The narrator of the main story is a geologist, the leader of the Miskatonic University ...
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Where/what is "C" in Annie Ernaux's short story "Returns"

The next rail stop from Motteville is Yvetot, which has a street called Rue Carnot, which is mentioned in the story. Although it does not lead from the station to the centre of town. Ernaux grew up in ...
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What literary device is used in from "one thing to another"?

One can argue that it's a metaphor, in that he is not physically moving from one place to another, but changing topics. However, this metaphor is so commonplace as to qualify as an idiom, having ...
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