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Children’s book with a mouse called Nils

This is The Rescuers (1959) by Margery Sharp. “a mouse called Nils” Nils pulled his whiskers again. All mice have large families, and Nils was no better than any other man at keeping track of ...
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Which short story describes a man climbing a tower and then discovering he’s underground?

It could also be Tower of Babylon by Ted Chiang.
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Comedy mystery short story involving an inept detective, stolen diamonds, and a baby's rattle

P. Moran Diamond Hunter by Percival Wilde looks like possibility. I found some snippets in the Google Books record of Spellbinders in Suspense By Alfred Hitchcock: He says, “Moran, do you realize ...
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Help finding a book/short story about a man who comes back from the dead and finds himself in a world that's forgotten fear

"Pillar of Fire", a novelette by Ray Bradbury; first published in Planet Stories, Summer 1948, available at the Internet Archive; also at Project Gutenberg. You may have read it in one of ...
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