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In 1600 AD or before such a case was possible. The court case seems to be a farce at the present age. The court case filed was in keeping with the usual practice at that time. Portia saved Antonio using her clever wit and judgement was in favor of Antonio. And solution of the case was also keeping with usual practice prevalent at that age. The judgement was ...


Perhaps your confusion arises from the fact that a "pound of flesh" meaning something required to be paid back more or less originates from the play (there were earlier predecessors, including the 14th-century tale Il Pecorone by Giovanni Fiorentino, which was published in Milan in 1558, but Shakespeare is the primary example these days). Shylock ...


The rest is referred to in Hebrews chapters 3 and 4. esp. 4.1-3. There it is certainly an end of life event which is compared to God's entering into His rest at the end of creation (Genesis chapters 1 and 2 esp. 2.2.) For the Christian believer it is a state of being that occurs when God's work is completed and the whole universe is under his rule.

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