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Symbolism of locks and keys in blues

"Move over cold dog 'cause a hot dog's movin' in" is pretty explicit for the time. Long objects entering things are often used as a double entendre: "a word or phrase that is open to ...
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What does Smash Mouth mean when he writes "fed to the rules" in All-Star?

I agree with Genius in that "fed to the rules" is a play on "fed to the wolves". I think he hit the ground running in that he broke the mold as soon as he was able to stand on his ...
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What's happening with Poseidon's request for an apology in Jorge Rivera-Herran's "Epic"'s "Ruthlessness"?

The refrain of the song is “ruthlessness is mercy upon ourselves”, that is, it is better to kill our enemies than to spare them (“ruthlessness”), so that we do not later suffer their attempts at ...
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Why did the narrator have murder on his hands in "Amazing Grace" by Jars of Clay?

This question could be more thoroughly explored in the Christianity stack, since Jars of Clay is an evangelical band and this song is is leaning very heavily on themes specific to that community. But ...
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