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Questions tagged [orson-scott-card]

Questions about the works of the American novelist, critic, essayist and columnist Orson Scott Card (born 1951) or his life as a writer. His works include the novel 'Ender's Game' (1985), its sequel 'Speaker for the Dead' (1986) and the series of novels entitled 'The Tales of Alvin Maker'.

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Is this passage from "Speaker for the Dead" a quote or an original?

In "Speaker for the Dead" (chapter 8, p. 132 of the Author's Definitive Edition), Ender says "es solo fecundo e vou plantar jardim ai", which Novahina translates as "thou art ...
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How did Lusitania survive before Novinha became a xenobiologist?

In the beginning of Speaker for the Dead it is revealed that, due to the deaths of Gusto and Cida, Lusitania was without a xenobiologist. In Xenocide, it is revealed that Novinha But, between the ...
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What date does 'Ender's Game' take place?

Does the book ever specify the date of when the story takes place?
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Does Ender directly pilot ships or does he just issue commands?

Does Ender ever directly pilot ships and the Molecular Disruption Device in the book? Or does he just come up with tactics, maneuvers, and issue commands?
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13 votes
2 answers

What are the nets in Ender's Game? Are they based on anything in real life?

After reading Ender's Game, I liked the idea of "nets," and had some good ideas to put on there, but could never find them or what they are. Any idea, or is this just another fictional part of Ender's ...
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Symbolism of the Mind Game in Ender's Game

I was recently discussing Ender's Game in The Reading Room, and I mentioned that I reread it because I felt that there were things that I had not understood. One of these things is the Mind Game. ...
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What order should I read the "Ender's game" series in?

Ender's Game is a very large epic science-fiction series by Orson Scott Card. To quote wikipedia: It currently consists of fifteen novels, thirteen short stories, 47 comic issues, an audioplay, and ...
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