Questions about the works of the American novelist, critic, essayist and columnist Orson Scott Card (born 1951) or his life as a writer. His works include the novel 'Ender's Game' (1985), its sequel 'Speaker for the Dead' (1986) and the series of novels entitled 'The Tales of Alvin Maker'.

His works include the:

  • Ender's Game series which includes The Ender's Game (1985), Speaker for the Dead (1986), Xenocide (1991), Children of the Mind (1996), and Ender in Exile (2008)
  • Later novella A War of Gifts (2007) and novel Ender's Shadow (1999) and the Shadow saga series take place in the same universe at the same time.

He also wrote the series of novels entitled The Tales of Alvin Maker.