Compare and contrast the way Offred in Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale and Beatrice in William Shakespeare’s Much Ado about Nothing view romantic love. Discuss 2 similarities and 2 differences (4 points). Explain how Offred’s and Beatrice’s views of love change over the course of the novel and the play (2 points).

Here is my attempt:

  • Similarities
    1. Both crave for a romantic relationship.
  • Differences:
    1. Beatrice shows that she doesn’t like men at first and claims that she never wants to get married. Offred has nothing against marriage and in fact marries the man she has an affair with (her husband).
    2. Beatrice doesn’t believe in love and marriage but in the end falls in love with Benedick and marries him.

I don’t know the exact difference in views of love for Offred though. Please help me with another similarity and difference too. Thanks in advance :)

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