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Questions tagged [rev-w-awdry]

Questions about the works of the English cleric and children's author Wilbert Awdry, better known as Reverend W. Awdry (1911–1997).

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Does the poem "Once an engine attached to a train..." predate the Railway Series?

As confirmed in interviews with Rev. Awdry, the Railway Series initially grew from a nursery rhyme told to his sick son in 1942, normally called "Down By The Station". This dates in ...
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Does Thomas the Tank Engine have free will?

In the story Thomas Comes to Breakfast, from Branch Line Engines by the Rev. W Awdry, Thomas's driver tells him: "You know just where to stop, Thomas! You could almost manage without me!" ...
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How much worldbuilding of Sodor was included in the original Rev. W. Awdry stories?

The famous Railway Series by the Rev. W. Awdry is set in the fictional island of Sodor, situated between northern England and the Isle of Man. Today, reading about Sodor on Wikipedia, I was surprised ...
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