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Questions regarding fictional languages within a book, such as Elvish from The Lord of the Rings.

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How much worldbuilding of Sodor was included in the original Rev. W. Awdry stories?

The famous Railway Series by the Rev. W. Awdry is set in the fictional island of Sodor, situated between northern England and the Isle of Man. Today, reading about Sodor on Wikipedia, I was surprised ...
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Was Lapine ever developed beyond the small glossary in Watership Down?

One of the interesting features of Richard Adams's novel Watership Down is his invented language "Lapine" spoken by rabbits in the story. Mostly, of course, the rabbits are shown speaking in ...
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A Clockwork Orange: Latvian translation of Nadsat

Does anyone happen to know if A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess has been translated into Latvian? If so, is there a Latvian word list for Nadsat, the fictional teen slang in the book, and is it ...
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What does the raven say to Ged when he first enters the school at Roke?

In the Wizard of Earthsea when Ged first enters the school at Roke, he meets with the Archmage Nemmerle, and a "raven of Osskil" wanders towards the Archmage (his familiar, maybe?) and when the ...
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How developed is the Gnommish language?

In the Artemis Fowl series, the fairies speak a language named Gnommish. We know that the Book is written in this language, in spirals. And we also see some Gnommish words, such as D'Arvit. Has Eoin ...
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Has a book ever been translated in its own fictional language?

In programming language design, there's a process called bootstrapping: In computer science, bootstrapping is the process of writing a compiler (or assembler) in the source programming language ...
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Was J.R.R. Tolkien building on a past tradition when relying heavily on languages he made up?

It is a uncontested and well known fact that Tolkien was a linguist, and he wrote Middle-Earth as a setting for his languages. However, what interests me is whether the approach he took was out of ...
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Where did the term Kwisatz Haderach in Dune originate?

I've always been curious how names and words are created in literature. Having finished the main Dune books last year, I was thinking how the term "Kwisatz Haderach" came about. Did Herbert make it up,...
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How to read é, ä, û?

If I want to read Tolkien's text aloud, or appreciate the rhythm and rhyme in his poems, I find it distracting not to know how names including these characters (and similar ones) were meant to be ...
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