I completed reading Agatha Christie's 'Death comes as the end' and while going through the wiki page of the novel I read that Author had changed the ending by suggestion of a friend and she later regretted the change, instead preferring the original one.

I tried to find the original ending but was not successful. Does anyone here know what the original ending was or point me where I can find it?


Have just been reading the autobiography of Agatha Christie's husband, Max Mallowan, in which he mentions this:

[Stephen Glanville] was the only man ever to have persuaded Agatha to alter the end of a book, against—as she maintains—her better judgement. Her own ending would have been more dramatic. It was the one that was concerned with Ancient Egypt, Death Comes as the End.

I would be surprised if she had changed the murderer though as she re-cycles the idea in Sleeping Murder. I think, because of circumstances, this may have actually been written earlier than Death Comes as the End though published later, which would also suggest that it was Christie's own idea. Perhaps it's just the romantic ending that was changed, or possibly, and chillingly, the murderer triumphed? The latter would be in the spirit of darker Christies such as And Then There Were None...

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