In Voroshilovgrad, when Herman and his team were about to play soccer against the "gas guys", Injured urged his teammates to focus on trapping the ball cleanly:

"All right, guys," he said, "focus on trapping the ball cleanly. Got it?"
"Got it, Injured," Vasya Negative answered for all of us.

Why did he consider that the most important thing to focus on?


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In the original what Injured says is

— Значить, так, — сказав, — усім відпрацьовувати. Ясно?

Here відпрацьовувати means pretty much work your ass off. Nothing about the ball.

In Russian translation the word is отрабатывать. A very closely looking word, обрабатывать (just one letter difference), in the soccer context indeed means to handle the ball. Looks very much like a mistranslation.

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