When Herman first went to go see Olga about the state of his brother's gas station, they went to a bar neither of them had been in in quite awhile. They had the following rather odd exchange with one of the employees:

The Gypsy came over.
"Do you have any gin and tonic?" Olga asked.
"No," he replied firmly.

Indeed, Olga was slightly flustered by his reaction. Why did he react that way?

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Gin and tonic is a very popular drink, and its ingredients are also used in many other drinks. It is odd and unusual for a bar to be unable to provide it. Olga is probably flustered at having what she regarded as a routine order be impossible; it was a rhetoric question, not expecting the answer "No."

Furthermore, it's probable that he's been asked for one a lot. Having to say they didn't over and over and over would add firmness to his response, to discourage argument.


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