Near the end of the novel The Godfather, Michael Corleone takes his vengeance on the other families, as well as those who betrayed him. Before this, though, he cleans house, setting up a secret regime for Rocco Lampone, promising Clemenza and Tessio their own Families in a year, and ousting Tom Hagen from the position as consigliere. Tom, naturally, feels hurt, but several months later has this bit of dialogue with Michael:

The Corleone Family is a lot stronger than anybody thinks, but I hoped to make it foolproof.” He smiled at Hagen. “I guess you’ve figured everything out by now.”

Hagen nodded. “It wasn’t hard. Except why you wanted me out of the action. But I put on my Sicilian hat and I finally figured that too.”

Tom must be more Sicilian than me because I can't figure it out. Why did Michael remove Tom Hagen from the Corleone business?

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