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18 votes

Why does Robert Frost contradict himself in "The Road Not Taken"

17 votes

Looking for an old O. Henry story about a wealthy young man trying to woo a "genteel poor" young lady in New York City

12 votes

Is this the longest sentence by Twain?

11 votes

Who first referred to Odysseus as Ulysses?

11 votes

Why did Tolkien publish as J.R.R. Tolkien?

9 votes

Pulchritudinous callipygosity

8 votes

Comparing frequency of word use across Shakespeare's plays

7 votes

What inspired the writing of Sredni Vashtar?

5 votes

Drama, probably set in a hospital, where we know early on (from the blurb?) that someone is going to die due to a doctor's mistake

3 votes

Is there any connection between the reticence of Lady Anne and the cat-bird subplot?

2 votes

Why are Ibsen Dramas in particular mentioned in Reginald?

1 vote

What is the oldest literary award?