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Elected former elected, former-former moderator on RPGSE: if you have any concerns, kudos, suggestions, questions, please find me in RPG General Chat.


Playing: the tuba, trumpet, or French horn, depending on the day; Elite:Dangerous to decompress

Running: Monster of the Week set in the Roland-verse (skipping around All-World, various Earth timelines, Delain, &c.); high school RPG group (Traveller via Cepheus engine); and 5e port of ToEE for middle-schoolers.

Prepping: playbooks for an Age of Sail PbtA game

Current & Last 6 Books: Seife's Zero: the Biography of a Dangerous Idea; Whitehead's Harlem Shuffle; Dabek's My Father's Wife and My Daughter's Emu which is a breathtakingly good read. I'm stopping the list here to quote to you an email I wrote to the author:

I've read plenty of books that were perfectly worth their time, and I've read plenty of books that I didn't want to put down. I think yours may be the first that I kept putting down because I just didn't want it to end. Every five or ten pages--not even every story!--I'd walk away and do something else just so I could live a while with this new bit of amazing bouncing around in me.

Listening to: Dan Carlin's Common Sense, Hardcore History, and Hardcore History: Addendum; 538 Politics; Freakonomics Radio; In the Dark (serialized investigation); Left, Right, & Center; Oyez; NPR's Planet Money; Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History; Rachel Maddow; Strict Scrutiny; This American Life; Chris Hayes' Why Is This Happening?; and Marc Maron's WTF.

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