Formerly MildlyMilquetoast

Used to be a lot more active in high school, don't have a whole lot of time now that I'm in college. Still like to code golf from time to time, and puzzles are always fun.

Feeling a lot more actualized as a person these days, much happier in general even if I still struggle with stuff.

Oh, and she/her for me please.

I am also very very gay. Just, like, for the record

Discord is MildlyMilquetoast#8497

(also yes! I know MercyBeaucou is missing a p. That's because it started out as an overwatch name, which is limited to 12 characters. the missing p sorta stuck, and now I never ever have to worry about someone hyoinking my username. Also also, I'm not french just in case anyone's wondering, it comes up a fair bit when talking about usernames and stuff. I'm rambling now, uhhh yeah.)

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