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When I'm not training faculty and staff on our Content Management System, I mostly work on finding ways within an otherwise closed XSLT system to make it friendlier to changes and our needs. You might say that creative work-arounds and hacks are my forte, even.

A major passion for me, if not the focus of my work currently, is progressing usability and "user" experience through applied psychological principles and understanding; and I even get to practice that every so often!

Outside of work, I'm a mom with a wide range of hats. No, not the actual hats. More the "hi, someone needs to figure out how to get this done and then do it" type. Things like "ok, we bought it, now how do we put a new vanity in?" or "help, the daughter is getting into things she shouldn't." Wait, that sounds a lot like work, too.

I have a background ranging from formal education in computer science to training in fine arts… as well as electronics once upon a time (I still break out the soldering iron now and then and have wanted to find time to do some microcontroller based work)… and even ranging to medieval literature. I help my wife with critiques, advice, and sometimes even directly work with her in her graphic illustration business, LadyTank Studios, and still dream of some day putting out a video game or two.

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