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Why are Santa Barbara, Denver, and Dallas held up as examples of the glamorous high life?

Denver was the setting of the soap opera Dynasty. Santa Barbara and Dallas were the settings of soap operas named after the cities. All three of them concentrated on wealthy and glamorous families. ...
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What is a "more bankable nationality"?

The fifth line in Soviet passports was Nationality (=ethnicity), after 1. Surname, 2. Given Name, 3. Father's Name, 4. "Date of Birth". From "The fifth line - what is it? Definition, ...
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Was a pumpkin a symbol of rejection of a suitor?

Yes, in Ukraine, pumpkins were and are used as a sign of rejection. An old tradition held that a would-be suitor would visit a woman's house to propose. If the answer was yes, there was family ...
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When did the Soviet government start admitting that people were killed in Afghanistan?

Disclaimer: I don't know about the graves and cemeteries. The turning point in admitting the casualties was Gorbachev and the glasnost. There is a document, dated June 19 1985, which permits ...
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What is an Akhmatovian nose?

The reference is, as your researches suggested, to the poet Anna Akhmatova Gorenko. She had a nose which called attention to itself. While not unique in terms of human nasal ornaments, it was a nose ...
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Did Effie receive insulin shock therapy?

Disclaimer: I haven't read the story. Timewise, in USSR (and even Russia) the insulin therapy remained in use for much longer. Russian Wiki quotes certain A.I.Nelson who kept pushing it as late as ...
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Was Milena's husband evading taxes?

Yes. Such arrangement was very common even in ordinary employment: get only the minimum wage officially, and the rest as cash in an envelope. Yes, a form of tax evasion. But the downside is reduced ...
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