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Why does Pierre think a priest giving a deserter the cross to kiss is hypocrisy?

To begin with, Pierre is describing a particularly brutal method of execution. Being "knouted to death" means being whipped until your body literally cannot take any more. Hanging would be ...
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How did Denisov reappear in Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace?

While I didn’t find an explicit explanation in the book, it’s possible to speculate about it. The simplest solution is as follows. Vasily Denisov has a clear historical prototype: Denis Vasilyevich ...
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War and Peace: Vassily Kuragin's plot to remove Pierre from the will

Of course, We will take it at once and show it to the count. is a pretext to save the face, and cannot be taken seriously. The Count is in the last moments of his life, doesn't recognize anybody. ...
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