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What was the public's initial reaction to Virginia Woolf's Orlando?

In literary reviews, the novel was usually praised, and reviewers accepted the conceit of changing gender. I'll bold the portions of the following excerpts that mention sex. The English Journal ...
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What was Septimus Warren Smith's rank?

The description of Septimus’ military career does not say what rank he reached, only that “he was promoted”: Septimus was one of the first to volunteer. He went to France to save an England which ...
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What did Virginia Woolf mean by "walked on the past the flower–bed" in Kew Gardens?

It’s just a mistake. The Celebration of Women Writers edition that you linked to says: Initial text entry and proof-reading of this chapter were the work of volunteer Steven van Leeuwen. The ...
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Virginia Woolf's "Mrs Dalloway": stream of consciousness or free indirect speech?

If you define stream of consciousness as the full emulation of a person’s thoughts and inner mental activity happening continuously in real time, and free indirect speech as akin to an inner monologue ...
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Why did Virginia Woolf judge 'Success prompts to exertion; habit facilitates success' a 'man's sentence'?

TL;DR: What Woolf meant by “man’s sentence” is that its style, typical of early 19th century writing by men, is “too loose, too heavy, too pompous” to properly represent women’s experience. A Room of ...
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Why does Susan say her "eyes are hard" when suffering an emotional breakdown in the Waves (Virginia Woolf)?

I haven't read the book and this is pure speculation on my part. But when I'm having what TVtropes calls a "BSOD" or blue screen of death, my facial expressions just aren't there. It's like I'm ...
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