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What - if anything - was Artaud trying to achieve with his odd translation of Through the Looking Glass?

You ask: in essentially inventing his own language, without clear rules of grammar or expression, how did Artaud believe this act of creativity was somehow understandable to others? Or to put it ...
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Is there anything deeper about the comparisons between Queenie and the Red Queen in "Code Name Verity"?

I think that either Maddie or the author Elizabeth Wein is partly conflating the Red Queen from Through The Looking Glass with the Queen of Hearts (and a few other characters/events) from Alice's ...
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Why the Alice epigraph in the epilogue of Watership Down?

I'm just guessing here, but I think it may have something to do with that the myths of El-Ahrairah become intertwined with Hazel’s reality and his death. I'm not sure of its exact meaning but I love ...
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