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Did Vladimir Nabokov know Thomas Mann's Works?

Apparently Nabokov did know of Mann's works. As documented in his Strong Opinions (which I found here and there via a Google search for "nabokov mann"), he held no high opinion of Mann: Ever ...
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When and where did Thomas Mann say that Effi Briest is one of the six best novels in his library?

Thomas Mann's article "To Theodor Fontane's 100th Birthday" was published in Berliner Tageblatt on 25-Dec-1919. There you can find the quote: Eine Romanbibliothek der rigorosesten Auswahl, ...
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Mann's introduction to The Magic Mountain?

In the February 1960 and May 1965 printings of the 1952 Alfred A. Knopf edition, the March 1969 Vintage Books edition, and the 1992 Modern Library edition, there is an author's note at the back of the ...
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How significant is Schopenhauer's philosophy in Buddenbrooks?

The following comes from “Thomas Mann: Buddenbrooks” (Landmarks of world literature) by Hugh Ridley (Cambridge University Press, 1987). Significance in general. According to Ridley, critics don’t ...
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