Here "Her say" means "what she had/wanted to say" (see Merriam-Webster definition 1 for as a noun), which has been "said" (used as past tense of "say"), as she has just spoken it in her last line. An expanded form would thus be "(Having said what she wanted to already)". Since she's finished saying what she ...


It is describing the speaker. She had "her say", something she wanted to bring up, and now it has been said. Something like her drink drunk her words spoken That's all.


To “pull the wires” means To manipulate or influence (a person) as if pulling the wires of a puppet; to control (a situation, organization, etc.) from behind the scenes. Oxford English Dictionary. A couple of citations for this sense: I tell you Jerry isn’t given to pulling wires to get what he likes. Beth B. Gilchrist (1917). ‘Cinderella’s Granddaughter’....

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