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Did H. G. Wells use an emoticon in “The Time Machine”?

TL;DR: The colon is a typographical error, not an early emoticon. One way to investigate this kind of question is to use full-text search on a suitable corpus. For example, we could search the ...
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What is so special about a fruit being in season for eight days?

He's not necessarily suggesting there's anything special about it being in season for 8 days. The sentence that you quote is part of the time traveller describing day-to-day life in the world of the ...
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At what time did the time travel journey begin?

The ten o'clock and the four o'clock are presumably referring to two different events. The first event occurred at ten o'clock when the Time Traveller used the machine for the first time. As described ...
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Did H. G. Wells use an emoticon in “The Time Machine”?

The colon introduces a new clause (e.g. for cause and affect), and the closing parenthesis just happens to be there. This same combination of : followed by `) occurs several times in other literature. ...
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