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Why is this line about prophecy in book 2 of the Odyssey thought to be "spurious"?

The possibly spurious line is 2.191: πρῆξαι δ᾽ ἔμπης οὔ τι δυνήσεται εἵνεκα τῶνδε: and he will in no case be able to do aught because of these men here Homer. Odyssey 2.191. Translated by A. T. ...
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In Homer's Odyssey, how can the one-eyed Cyclops have multiple brows?

This issue has been puzzling commentators for thousands of years, if we take it broadly as "how many eyes did Homer think Polyphemus had, and why?" The Greek text of Odyssey 9.389 uses the ...
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Who are the '12 children of Aiolos Hippotadês', as introduced in Book 10, The Grace of the Witch, of Homer's Odyssey?

The children of Aiolos follow a similar pattern to some other divine families in Greek mythology. First, according to Hesiod, the primordial gods Gaia and Ouranos had twelve children (the Titans), six ...
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