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What's the significance of saying "thou", and where does Emilia actually say it in "The Magician of Lublin"?

Yiddish, like many European languages, makes a distinction between a formal and informal way of saying "you". The informal or familiar form is "du". The formal or respectful form ...
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What does the culture of Europe have to do with Yasha needing to acquire a large sum of money?

It's a kind of joke. He is desperate for money. No matter what topic he considers, his thoughts return to that. Imagine: he has a beautiful new girlfriend. He reads an article in a magazine about the ...
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Is this instance of "little girl" a translation error in "The Magician of Lublin"?

I found the text here, and indeed, it looks like he does say something along the lines of "when I was a little girl". מײדל translating to "girl" יאשא האט אים געלאזט װײזן עטלעכע ...
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