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Is the name Crowley in Good Omens a reference to the famous occultist?

A little further digging and I come across a Tumblr confirmation (image). Image Transcript: neil-gaiman [on Tumblr] ikuboii asked: Hello there! Did you inspired Anthony J Crowley's name after Anton ...
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What is the meaning of Lord Vetinari's dungeon door in Terry Pratchett's "Guards! Guards!"?

The bolts and bars are separate mechanisms from the lock and are controlled by occupants of the cell. Just because someone or something on the outside has a key does not mean they can open the door. ...
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Why did the trolls go into hiding during the events of The Long War?

The short answer to the question "Why did the trolls leave?" is that they were being mistreated and underappreciated, and being highly intelligent (far more so than most humans realized) ...
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