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In Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, what is the purpose of this character's resurrection?

Yes, this character is John Uskglass. I've already answered this part on another SE site, and most of the same arguments apply here. Who else could he possibly be? A magician of great power, enough to ...
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What is the source of Mr. Norrell's wealth?

At one point in the book (page 59 of the Kindle edition, in chapter 4) Drawlight states: He had an old uncle called Haythornthwaite who died and left him a world of money. Although there is no ...
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Was Susanna Clarke using any particular author's style for "Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell"?

Corey Olsen discusses this a bit in his lecture series at Mythgard. (I strongly recommend it: he's quite gifted at close analysis, plus it's free.) He notes that most people compare it to Jane Austen,...
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What is the significance of "Jonathan" in Strange and Norrell?

I was doing a little research on the etymology of John recently. (I suspect that Riordan's "Jackson" is a reference to John, where "Jack" is a form of John, and Percy Jackson is ...
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What is the source of Mr. Norrell's wealth?

I'm going to disagree with the other answer. I believe Mr. Norrell used magic to create his wealth. Norrell was a real magician, and a good one, at a time when there were at most a handful of other ...
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What is the significance of "Jonathan" in Strange and Norrell?

One simple and perhaps uninteresting fact to keep in mind is the popularity of the name John in the English-speaking world. Consider this table. Granted, it contains statistics for late 16th century ...
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