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Why aren't God's pronouns capitalized in Paradise Lost?

Reverential capitalization has never been a constant in English language works, and it's newer than you think. John Milton, born as the final touches were being made on the King James Version, may not ...
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Prosodic features and rules for Miltonic verses?

The standard study of Milton's use of rhythm and meter is Robert Bridges' classic Milton's Prosody: With a Chapter on Accentual Verse and Notes. Revised Final Edition. Oxford: Clarendon, 1921. The ...
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What is this "flashforward" technique called?

Since the image of the character in the modern world is placed next to and contrasts with the image of the same character in the 14th century, the two images are juxtaposed. The contrast between a ...
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What if it were named '*The* Animal Farm'?

Names of houses, farms etc. don't usually take an article, except in a few cases where the name is also a description (e.g. The White House). Historically, The Manor Farm would have been a description ...
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is it possible to adapt ancient graeco-roman prosodic styles, forms, principles, modifications into modern verses?

Classical Greek and Latin had poetry based on syllable length, and not on syllabic stress, which is what modern English poetry is based on. The meters of Greek and Latin poetry are thus called ...
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How does That Hideous Strength show the influence of Charles Williams?

Logres Surely the most obvious Williams influence in That Hideous Strength is the frequent mention of Logres? Williams wrote the epic poem Taliessin through Logres and it was published in 1938. That ...
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What is the literary effect of dropping articles from titles?

This question fascinated me, and as I read, my own theory developed. This "theory" feels to me as much a question as the original post, so I leave it here as a jumping off point for further ...
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