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This sounds very like ‘The Seventh Voyage of Ijon Tichy’ by Stanisław Lem, collected in The Star Diaries. The collection was first published in Polish as Dzienniki Gwiazdowe in 1957; the English translation by Michael Kandel appeared in 1976. This story has all the features you remembered: Ijon Tichy is travelling alone in a spaceship: It was on a Monday,...


Another Possibility - but not as close - might be "The Man Who Folded Himself". He ends up having relationships (and relations) with himself, though, and you said there was no sex in your original post.


Do you think it might be "By His Bootstraps" by Heinlein? It takes place in a single room, rather than a boat, but the rest of it fits.


Try Toby Alone, by Timothee de Fombelle

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