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Short story with a witch, party crackers, and something prophetic stitched in a hem

I wonder if this could be Malice in Wonderland by Rufus King. Although not by Asimov, it was collected in Isaac Asimov's Witches, published in 1984. The story concerns an old woman, Mrs Fleury, who ...
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What is the source of this poem/song Captain Hastings quotes in Agatha Christie's "The Market Basing Mystery"?

"The Rabbit" is a poem by Lord Alfred Douglas, published in an 1898 collection called Tails with a twist. This is the version in the 1928 edition of the complete poems of Lord Alfred ...
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Why was "The Love Detectives" not included in Agatha Christie's The Mysterious Mr Quin?

Spoiler alert This answer contains spoilers for both "The Love Detectives" and The Murder at the Vicarage. tl;dr Because Christie had recycled the chief plot device of "At the ...
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