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What is the Floor Plan of Hill House in The Haunting of Hill House (1959) by Shirley Jackson?

The link in the Wikipedia article referenced in the question takes you to a defunct website called "". Using the Wayback Machine gives access to a guest post by Susan Scarfe ...
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What was the location of Hill House in The Haunting of Hill House (1959) by Shirley Jackson?

TLDR: We can't be sure, but it seems most likely the house is in southern California. There is very little given in the book that could be used to track down a location. The only description given is ...
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Where is the setting of Millay's poem Renascence?

It’s usually claimed that Millay was inspired by the view from Mount Battie near Camden, Maine, where she lived as a child. There’s even a plaque attached to a rock near the summit: Photo by Roger W. ...
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Where is the story "Cages" set?

Even if we can't have a definitive solution, I believe we can find a plausible candidate. As the OP mentioned, various pieces of evidence are scattered through the story. Possibly the most significant ...
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What does its future setting add to Cold Comfort Farm?

tl;dr Setting the novel in the near future allows Gibbons to deploy metatextual elements that sharpen both her parody of the conventions of rural novels and her satire of the values they espouse. ...
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Which Animorphs books have description of the Yeerk Pool?

What's included in this answer I omitted dream sequences since it’s not clear what in those is real and what is all a dream. I figured that anything in dreams which was true would be based on an ...
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