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What does "grinning" mean in Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen"?

The English translation uses ‘a grin’ and ‘grinned’ to render the original Danish grin and grinede. In the original, the quoted passage reads as shown below; I have emphasised the relevant words. The ...
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What did Peer Gynt look like?

Details are scarce. The script for the play introduces Peer Gynt with the description: [PEER GYNT, a strongly-built youth of twenty, comes down the pathway. His mother, ASE, a small, slightly built ...
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Source of three Icelandic kennings quoted (in Russian) in poem of Martynov?

As noted by Rand al'Thor in the comments, skaldic.org has good information on the scaldic poetry that typically uses these long, complicated kennings, meaning many-part, complicated likenesses that ...
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Why did August Strindberg pick the names "Julie" and "Jean" for the protagonists of his play Miss Julie (1888)?

Author Jan Myrdal, although mainly a political writer, was very interested in literary fiction and wrote several books and many articles about Strindberg. He referred to Strindberg’s own words (in a ...
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