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When Rush sings that "his mind is not for rent / To any God or government", they compare the mind to a place you can live in or use in exchange for some form of payment. What the "payment" would be is left unstated; in the case of religion, it is typically some form of heaven or paradise you might go to after death; in the case of government, it may be ...


Geddy Lee is explicitly, openly atheist and "Roll the Bones" (the bones referring to dice) is explicitly about rejecting the idea that a god or faith directs anything, so quite probably your answer is yes. ETA I should also have noted "Freewill" is another song with lyrics which reject the idea of a god directing human actions.


Rush, especially drummer and lyric writer Neil Peart, was heavily influenced by Ayn Rand. Her philosophy of objectivism generally rejects both government and religion. It is much more focused on the individual and individual rights.

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