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Why is the town called "Trinity"?

The town of Trinity is, according to the Fandom Wiki based on the real location of Oberlin, Ohio Oberlin was founded by two Presbyterian ministers as a community of church-centered families who ...
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Retrieving Beckman (1982) rendering of the Zoroastrian Avesta

Gary Beckman is a scholar of Near Eastern Religion at the University of Michigan, and among his other works, he has translated an account of a battle between the Hittite storm god Tarhunna and a ...
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What does Dostoyevsky's character's statement about Permissiveness mean for Morality in Western Civilization?

Dostoevsky brings out the idea that there is a higher essencethan just a simple reward and punishment. It is the noble, essential virtue called accountability. With a laissez faire approach to moral ...
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