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What is the significance of a raised black flag?

Under the provisions of the Capital Punishment Amendment Act 1868, the Home Secretary (probably Henry Bruce) had issued the following rules for executions: A black flag to be hoisted at the moment of ...
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What is the influence of Louis Quinze and Wilhelm II on furniture styling?

Louis Quinze and Wilhelm II are relevant to the styles of furniture in the room, though perhaps not in a way some readers might expect. Louis XV's name is connected with one of several styles of ...
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Is there any connection between the reticence of Lady Anne and the cat-bird subplot?

(Couldn't fit this into a comment….) I think that, in this story, the cat primarily serves the function of atmosphere (that of having something else in the room rather than just Egbert and Lady Anne); ...
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What is the hidden meaning of "Bad News" known to Egbert and Lady Anne?

The context is explained by the previous sentence, which "tells" what the specific description of a painting "shows": They leaned towards the honest and explicit in art, a picture,...
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