While I appreciate the attention drawn to my academic article and my translations of Alevi hymns, I should like to make some remarks on the question and perhaps provide some answers. First of all, the source noted does not contain "a hymn" but an entire liturgy with multiple texts. Let us not diminish the achievement, such as it is, of putting a whole ...


According to the entry LOUIS-FERDINAND CÉLINE, De Destouches à Céline in the online Encyclopædia Universalis, c'est à sa grand-mère maternelle, Céline Guillou, qu'il empruntera son nom de plume Literal translation: "it is from his maternal grandmother, Céline Guillou, that he will borrow his pen name". In the French Wikipedia article about the author, ...


Her new pen name is Silvia Mercedes. She has a few books under that name out now.

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