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What does "A stone will not need you to guess if, / You’re still going to drown." mean?

TW: suicide The lines mean: If you have a stone, then you no longer need to wonder about whether you're still going to drown. That is to say, if there is doubt about whether you're going to drown, ...
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Meaning of “So can you name your demon? Understanding its scheming”

TL;DR The speaker asks the listener if they can understand and name their own problems; if they can, the speaker toasts their success. Analysis The central idea of the song is that most people can't ...
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What is the meaning of "I see shadow and light stroking the mist" from “Moonlight Kissed”?

From Dust, small aerosols and moisture droplets scatter light to make the sun's rays visible This obviously applies to the moon's rays as well, so the water droplets that form ...
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