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What is swamp milk?

"Enharmonies" is divided into four parts: Fog, Sun, Wind, and Rain. As the stanza quoted is from the first part,"Fog", it seems likely that the "spun milk" is simply a ...
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Why is "The choir of bell-flowers" referred to as "a fragment of a long poem" in the subtitle?

The subtitle is present in the Ukrainian original: "Хор лісових дзвіночків (уривок із поеми)" ["Chorus of forest bells (excerpt from a poem)"]. So it definitely was not added by ...
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Why does the river refer to itself in the plural?

The original text reads: : виростем! — сказали тополі. : бризнем піснями — сказали квіти. : розіллємось! — сказав Дніпро. Тополі, квіти, і Дніпро. On the first two lines, the verbs (виростем, ...
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Why do some lines in Stanza 2 of "Pastel" start with a colon?

Just try to see these sentences if they are written as a story and not a poem: II The iron day. Drank up some good wine Blossom, meadows! - :I've been walking for a day- Graze, herds!- :to see my ...
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