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Do the rocket bombs in 1984 only ever strike prole quarters?

This may mean nothing more than that the only rocket bomb attacks described in the book itself as close to Winston occur when Winston goes for a walk in the prole quarters. There was a roar that ...
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The distinction between the Orwell's belief about real world and his imagination

'As opposed to' Does not mean the same as 'opposed to'. It is a set phrase which carries the meaning 'distinguished from or in contrast with'. The 'or' in that definition is important as it tells us ...
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Does Winston Smith die at the end of 1984?

I was torn about this myself. I think there are two possibilities: First is that Winston was in fact released from the Ministry of Love, turned to alcoholism and lost his mind to Big Brother ...
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What does George Orwell mean with "vague reverence"?

I think the 'reverence' in particular here is a contrast to the blind fervour with which the population follow Big Brother. Under the Party, everything is dictated: who to love, who to hate, to the ...
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