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Is this an editing error in this part of 1985 by Anthony Burgess?

Checked a printed edition (Beautiful Books), published in 2010, the division of lines between the two voices in the Epilogue is as you quoted them (the book uses italics to distinguish between the two)...
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What does Anthony Burgess mean about "the State is all that matters and no one has a right to hear Beethoven"?

Like a commenter, I also haven't read the book, but it reads like a passionate speech, which would explain the lack of punctuation - it's easy to imagine this being delivered by a very fired up ...
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What does "Christnique" mean in "1985" by Anthony Burgess?

From the context, I believe that Burgess is using "Christnique" in two different ways. In the first phrase: Without us how would the Christniques get on? "-nique" seems to be ...
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What are "devices of orthodoxy" in this context?

First, by way of preamble, it will help to know something about chess. Chess is a game of deep strategy played on a board with pieces between two players, one against the other, playing by making ...
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İn what context did Lord of the Flies get mentioned in "Ape and Essence"?

TL;DR: Burgess was probably relying on his memory of Ape and Essence when writing the introduction to 1985, so that not all the details are correct. The reason that I think Burgess was relying on his ...
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The distinction between the Orwell's belief about real world and his imagination

'As opposed to' Does not mean the same as 'opposed to'. It is a set phrase which carries the meaning 'distinguished from or in contrast with'. The 'or' in that definition is important as it tells us ...
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What does "Christnique" mean in "1985" by Anthony Burgess?

It is a while since I read Burgess' book; it may be a spelling variant of the suffix -nik, used by Burgess' characters in the novel to refer to those who profess Christianity as their religion or ...
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What are "devices of orthodoxy" in this context?

I believe that the intent is the use of orthodox to mean "conforming to established doctrine", specifically to work within the rules. While the government has created a set of strict rules, ...
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