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What does a dog barking at a crow signify?

It doesn't appear to be symbolic at all; a dog barking at a crow is merely an annoying sound that she would rather listen to. Crows are notorious for teasing other animals. I mean... look at this! ...
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Analysing a quote from Much Ado About Nothing

First off, if you are going to quote, quote accurately: Hath no mans dagger here a point for me? (F1) F1’s question mark at the end of this line seems to make better sense than Q1’s ...
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What does a dog barking at a crow signify?

One should read this quote with the preceding lines in mind, for example, when Beatrice says to Benedick: I wonder that you will still be talking, Signior Benedick: nobody marks you. and ...
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Dante's Inferno reference in Much Ado About Nothing

There is no direct, obvious reference to Dante's Inferno in Much Ado About Nothing. However, there is a tangential link between the two works in their character and plot: both can be conceived as love ...
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Why does Dogberry use malapropisms in Much Ado About Nothing?

Dogberry is not as intelligent as he likes to think he is Shakespeare used malapropisms many times in his plays to show an uneducated character who is using vocabulary that they don't entirely ...
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Watchman characters in Much Ado About Nothing

The Folger edition identifies the Watchman lines with various characters, including First and Second Watch, and George Seacoal (whose name is mentioned but not listed in the dramatis personae). It's ...
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