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How do people "kiss their teeth" in Nalo Hopkinson's novels?

I found an explanation of "kissing teeth" in a blog post by Azizi Powell on Pancocojams, a blog which (in its own words) showcases the customs of people of Black descent throughout the world....
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Why does Tan-Tan name her child Tubman?

Strictly speaking, the choice of the child's name is not Tan-Tan's decision but the author's. The book's setting is a Caribbean-colonised planet (Toussaint) and another planet, New Half-Way Tree, to ...
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Relevance of Findlay's poem 'Stolen' to Hopkinson's novel Midnight Robber

The poem is a nod to the use of Caribbean creoles in the novel. My best source for this is actually something I found as one of the top hits when I searched the web for david findlay stolen in the ...
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How do people "kiss their teeth" in Nalo Hopkinson's novels?

Kissing teeth, or the "velaric ingressive airstream involving closure at two points in the mouth" may be considered disrespectful and a culpable expression of contempt. It is banned in many French ...
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