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Does Nausicaä not develop as a character at all?

Her innocence was broken by the end of the manga. She once hoped for humanity to be saved, then she willingly murdered the progenitors even though she knew they would have been the best humanity that ...
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Looking for a shoujo/romance one-shot manga

Just here to say I finally found what I am looking for. It's a short manga called Getsuyoubi Kara Kataomoi. Well this manga is about the male MC having everything in life and desiring nothing until ...
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Does Nausicaä not develop as a character at all?

You might find this of interest: https://thenovelsmithy.com/character-arcs-flat-arcs/ Nausicaa's story is essentially that of a Messiah figure. It's less about her learning and growing as a character,...
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Looking for a manga: female lead in college who had an abusive father and meets a popular band member

This is Comedown Machine (Story by Amapora & Art by Saza), published on Tapas: After Tommy finds out that her long-term boyfriend is cheating on her, she jumps into a relationship with a ...
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Disconnected components in Yahgulanaas' "Red: A Haida Manga"

I found this copy of the full mural: It seems it's supposed to be read left to right, top to bottom, with the black marks just showing where to cut if you bought two copies and wanted to make your own ...
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