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In Lolita, is there any evidence that Humbert committed a second murder?

Maybe what some readers see as suggested foul play is the heavy, reaccuring interpretation that Humbert is responsible for all the events in the story, but only secondary to the will of whatever ...
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Analyzing the alliteration of the first line of Lolita

In poetry, alliteration requires stressed syllables that begin with the same consonant sound. Nabokov's novel Lolita is written in prose, so we don't need to analyse the metre to determine which ...
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What exactly drove Humbert’s preference for preteens?

Humbert is primarily a hebephile, sexually attracted to young pubescent females. His relationships with adult females are entirely to facilitate access to their children, and they are unfulfilling. As ...
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Were the early sexual experiences of Lolita and her classmates inspired by the real experience of children in New England in 1947?

While it's hard to prove a negative, it is extremely unlikely that Nabokov based this passage on any kind of real-world or second-hand knowledge. As the essay The Long 1950s in the collection Vladimir ...
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