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What happened at the end of The Giver?

It's an ambiguous ending. The immediate description is that Jonas has found another pocket of civilization -- and that this one is characterized by joy, music, singing. He and Gabe slide down through ...
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Is the speaker with an on-off switch a reference to Orwell?

The idea of surveillance by governments and of a privileged caste demanding and receiving privacy isn't unique to Orwell, but that scene certainly does sound as though it's pretty much a “straight ...
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Use of the word "tyke" in American English, as it is used in "Gathering Blue"

"Tyke" is simply a word for a small child. That's why, for example, Little Tykes is a brand of children's toys.
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Use of the word "tyke" in American English, as it is used in "Gathering Blue"

To add to EJoshuaS's answer, "tyke" does have a colloquial or humorous connotation. I'm not familiar with this story, but if the word appears in dialogue then it's use is not important. ...
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In what year do the events of The Giver take place?

An unknown year in the future. Lois Lowry, the author, was asked this question in an interview with Buzzfeed: Do you ever say what time period The Giver takes place in? LL: No, it's just some time in ...
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What happened at the end of The Giver?

Standback's answer already tells you how the ending of The Giver is deliberately ambiguous. In this answer I'd just like to add some some quotes where Lois Lowry directly confirms that she has indeed ...
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