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How did they cover 1,000 miles in 110 days at a speed of 5 miles per day?

The phrase "can make five miles a day better going." does not refer to the absolute speed of the "Zulu cattle". It is saying that they can go five miles further a day than the &...
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Gagool, Gagoola, or Gagaoola?

The name “Gagaoola” appears in Haggard’s Cetywayo and his White Neighbours (1882), a journalistic account of the Anglo–Zulu War of 1879 and the First Boer War of 1880–1881. Appendix III describes a ...
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Why does Quatermain (the narrator) translate for Umbopa if Umbopa understands English?

"Understanding English" doesn't necessitate being fluent to the level necessary to understand long philosophical speeches in English. One natural option might be an inconsistency in the text,...
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