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What is the famous song about the independence of Bahia or Brazil?

Probably "Hino de Bahia" as per this Google Books reference: Dois de Julho patriots sang enthusiastically, as indicated by the many new anthems reported in the press. What is today known as ...
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Were Amado's Captains of the Sands based on reality?

Yes, the "Captains of the Sands" were based on a real historical phenomenon in the city. And the children really form gangs together. At the beginning of the book, we have actual transcripts ...
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Was Jorge Amado familiar with the work of Anna Seghers?

Answering this question requires intertwining not one, but two biographies. The authors are both contemporary so I couldn't find an exhaustive biography on Jorge Amado that's placed in the public ...
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Why does Amado repeat the word morte in the title of his novel A Morte e a Morte de Quincas Berro d'Água?

When I have read it (very long ago, and in yet another language), I parsed the title as (A Morte) e (a Morte de Quincas Berro d'Água) that is The Death in general, and some particular death. After ...
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